What determines the price of bitcoin?

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A single Bitcoin cost less than $1 at its inception. Bitcoin’s AUD price by the end of 2017 had risen to an astounding AUD 28,000. Since then, the price has fluctuated, providing both seasoned traders and novices with an intriguing investing opportunity. One Bitcoin is now worth more than AUD 28,000 in the year 2022.

The elements that affect the Bitcoin price in Australian dollars are examined in this essay. In this manner, you could perhaps make informed choices when you invest.

Demand And Supply

The Australian Dollar derives its value by being the legal currency authorised by the Australian government. Australian dollars are used to pay the tax, and enterprises cannot lawfully reject AUD payments. Being the “people’s currency,” Bitcoin is quite distinctive. The supply and demand amongst sellers and buyers primarily determine its worth.

The most potent element influencing the value of Bitcoin in Australian dollars is the idea of supply and demand. There is a limit on the number of Bitcoins in circulation because its designers set a 21 million currency supply as the maximum. Due to this, it is now a rare commodity, much like silver and gold.

Economic And Political Activities

The bitcoin price can fluctuate due to political unrest or ambiguity, just like with conventional currencies. This effect is triggered by many traders using this currency to hedge against exchange rate changes.

For instance, the price rose while the worth of the British Pound fell in the run-up to the Brexit referendum, in which the U.K. would determine whether or not to leave the European Union. Similar occurrences transpired in Greece, where locals bought more bitcoins to safeguard their money from the effects of the 2015 economic crisis. Currency changes brought on by economic or political events typically balance out within a few months.

Culture And The Media

Another important factor for traders is how this digital currency is viewed in mainstream culture.

Positive media attention is a powerful stimulant for investment, according to an assessment of Bitcoin pricing. Positive publicity over time boosts confidence because people enjoy reading the good news. Of course, the reverse is also proper bad press will lower value.

You can observe these patterns developing when you examine the price over time. Bitcoin’s price fluctuated wildly after the news about cryptocurrencies entered the mainstream press.

This contributes to its status as being extremely volatile today. The media produced hype cycles swiftly followed by stories that unnerved investors.

Regulatory Bodies

For authorities, Bitcoin presented a challenge in the beginning. It became challenging to decide how the governments should act because of the decentralised nature of the money.

Authorities have been attempting to catch up for a while now. The Bitcoin price AUD and the global cryptocurrency market may be significantly impacted by each nation’s decision on its national strategy.

Regulators are unlikely to take a uniform stance. Thus, the Bitcoin market will likely continue to be volatile. For instance, China already chose to stop allowing peer-to-peer trade and shut down Bitcoin exchanges, which caused Bitcoin’s value to drop temporarily.

The Bitcoin Group

Developers build and miners run the software that creates and controls Bitcoin transactions. They make up the global network in charge of confirming transactions.

Despite Bitcoin’s decentralised nature (BTC), the community still needs to decide how to use, trade, and adopt the money in the long run. These choices also impact the cost.

Currently, all modifications are decided by a majority vote in the group. Developers must support more than 50% of the entire processing network to make changes to the system used to process and verify transactions.

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Various variables influence the value of Bitcoin in AUD. External elements include political unpredictability, international legislation, and popular sentiment toward cryptocurrency. Internal variables, such as the strategic choices made by miners, will also be necessary. This is because those members of the Bitcoin system will decide the course the currency will take.


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