Top tips for perfectly capturing cake smash photos



If you plan to have a cake smash photo shoot, you need to know the various elements of a perfect photo. The first thing to consider is natural and artificial soft light lighting, and you can also use strobes to help you take great pictures. Another thing to consider is the proportions of the subject. If you plan to take a close-up photograph of the cake, it is essential to use the correct lens.

Natural light

Lighting for your cake smash photos can make all the difference. You want a soft light that wraps evenly around the subject without harsh shadow lines. You can easily get this type of light outdoors or indoors near a large window or doorway. If you want to use artificial light, try to diffuse it with sheer fabrics to prevent harsh shadow lines. Also, avoid using overhead lighting, as it can interfere with the natural light source and cast harsh shadows.

Use a variety of accessories during your cake smash photo shoot. These items will help elevate your photos and emphasize your child’s unique characteristics. Remember that you don’t want your child to feel rushed, as it takes time for them to adjust to the environment and stimuli. Moreover, you don’t want your session to be crowded. Make sure you have enough space for the photographer to work with.

Artificial soft light

A key component to capturing beautifully lit cake smash photos is to use a soft light source. Natural light can be harsh and causes harsh shadow lines, but artificial light is easy to find and use, so you should try to avoid it whenever possible. 

Another important factor in capturing stunning cake smash photos is to use a high-quality lens. An excellent macro lens produces minimal distortion and preserves the subject’s proportions. The f/2.8 macro lens on a Canon camera is ideal for this. It saves the subject’s proportions and ensures a smoother, clearer image. Also, a high-quality lens will enable you to take many great photos of the cake without risking the quality of your pictures.

Another tip for capturing beautiful cake smash photos is to use a higher-speed shutter. Because small children are incredibly active, it is best to use a shutter speed higher than 1/200. Lower shutter speeds can lead to blurry shots. To avoid this problem, always use multiple shots. If possible, take several test shots. You can also try using a shutter speed of 1/400, and this setting will prevent unwanted blur. You can also try it when shooting in natural light.

Using strobes

Using strobes to capture cake-smash photos is a great way to get consistent light for your pictures, but you also want to be sure to keep the settings the same, whether you’re shooting indoors or outdoors. It will make your post-production much easier. 

Using a second pair of hands is also helpful during a cake smash photo shoot. They will keep your baby from dragging the buttercream around and can distract your child by playing peek-a-boo or bubbles. The second pair of hands can also position themselves behind the photographer so that the photographer doesn’t have to worry about distracting the baby. Using a second pair of hands during the photo shoot will help you get the most amazing shots.

Using seamless paper

A cake smash photos by can be simple or elaborate. Simple setups include baby and cake with minimal decor. Additional photos should consist of pullback shots and detailed views of the baby. These extra images can be sold to clients for an upsell. Cake smash photos can also showcase your creativity and artistic ability. 

If you do not want a flash, use a softbox or umbrella for the lighting. You can also use seamless paper to dress up a grey background, and it will give your cake smash photos the extra touch they need. If you have a small budget, opting for natural light might be a good idea, and it will help reduce the risk of distracting your little one.

When choosing the background, you should choose one that will be waterproof and can be easily cleaned up. Another great option is seamless paper, which can be purchased online or in stores. Aside from being waterproof, the seamless paper allows you to use them several times. 


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