Smart Software Solution to Support Remote Working

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Virtual work software helps employees, no matter their location, stay connected on projects without compromising being in the same space, so collaboration and meeting deadlines are never a problem.

In fact, they are equipped with various tools that enable work teams to connect, communicate, and work together at the drop of a dime for a shared online work environment comparable to that of the office.

This way, project managers can still foster strong employee interaction and a good company culture even when some team members must work remotely.

And though the best virtual work software ultimately depends on your specific needs, some of the most customer-favorite programs today include:

Collaborative whiteboard software

This type of smart software solution allows multiple people to share, edit and annotate anything from project management workflows to designs. Being a user-friendly platform, it removes the need to be physically involved in making a project perfect. Now you can add comments and collaborate easily at home.

Remote desktop software

With remote desktop software, you can support teams by allowing others to use someone’s computer remotely. This means you can have an IT department located in one city while other employees work in a different city altogether. With the amount of work-from-home scenarios happening in different countries, having remote desktop software can be really beneficial. IT professionals can access your laptop and fix any issues remotely with their own laptop.

Project management software

As a good manager, you need to be able to get your administrators, employees and teams to handle different workloads, monitor productivity and allocate resources. To do this, you need to break down these tasks into smaller, manageable ones. With project management software, you can enable your team to update statuses on projects and assign tasks so that everyone has a clear understanding of what their responsibilities are and how the project is going. 

Screen sharing software

This is self-explanatory. Screen sharing software lets you share your screen in real-time. Your team and other users can watch your screen as you present your work or meeting. It’s helpful to have a screen-sharing tool so you can show remote teams exactly what you’re talking about while presenting demos.

Remote support software 

Like remote desktop software, remote support software can help IT departments to help you out with any issues on your computer and monitor if there are any other problems persisting on your laptop. They would be able to run a diagnostic check and keep an eye out for any attacks. 

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Cloud content collaboration software 

With this software, you can allow employees to search for content, and store and share different files with other team members seamlessly. If all the files are kept safe in one place, teams can find any information they require on any device they have without any waiting. Different content collaboration software can offer tools that help edit and suggest documents for others to see.

Selecting the best remote desktop software can be overwhelming with all the quality choices available. However, according to the experts at ConnectWise, With ConnectWise, “we’ll guide you on the best fit for your situation…for secure, silent, and seamless remote access from anywhere, any device, and anytime.”


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