What Makes Foreign Exchange Student Programs Tick?



Foreign exchange programs require students to travel to different countries and experience their cultures and ways of living. Every student will find living abroad a completely new experience, especially when travelling after finishing school. Being a new experience for the student, there is a lot to learn during a gap year.

What Do They Learn?

Even though students stay in protected environments, they learn to manage when away from family and friends. From the time they step into Airplanes to settling down in their provided accommodations and managing their expenses, they observe grown-ups in action during a gap year. Students may also learn new languages during foreign exchange student programs.

What to Expect

  • Academic institutes that organize foreign exchange programs give students the experience to not just enrich themselves but also their families.
  • Exchange programs allow exchange students overseas to live in each other’s families for roughly 3-4 months.
  • Expect the exchange students to be involved with the school and new friends of the host family. They will be active in Rotary events such as meetings and conferences.
  • Students participating in foreign exchange programs can be sure of extensive support from the local Rotary Club and community Rotarians.
  • Exchange students stay with families for 11 months. While the exchange students are here, they live with 2 or 3 families to get a broader understanding of our culture.
  • Rotary exchange students are screened before acceptance. They are young people engaged, smart, and excited to share their country’s unique language, cultures, and traditions.

Pay for Foreign Exchange Programs Through Scholarships

The most fantastic international exchange programs offer grants to talented students who wish to participate in these programs. Scholarships are critical for bright individuals who may not otherwise get the opportunity to enroll into gap year travel programs due to financial limitations. However, students may have to meet the eligibility criteria below to get scholarships as rewards:

  1.  Excellent Academic Track Record– Every child who applies for a scholarship must score consistently good grades to stand a realistic chance of qualifying. The exact grade requirement may vary across schools.
  2.  Permanent Citizenship– Youth Exchange programs often make it mandatory for a student to possess permanent citizenship of a country to be granted a scholarship.
  •  Age Proof – Academic institutes giving scholarships will need to look at student age proofs as they have only a specific age range that is eligible.
  •  Proof to Demonstrate the Present Financial Situation– All students who have faced admission issues due to financial constraints in the past can get scholarships by showing records of their present financial situations.

What all is Included in a Scholarship?

  • Tuition and school fees arranged by the host Rotary club
  • Monthly stipend that is made available by the host Rotary club
  • Hosting by Rotary club in foreign country with assigned Youth Exchange Counselor
  • 24-hour worldwide emergency assistance for scholarship students
  • Room and board for one academic year, where accommodations include meals with predetermined host families
  • Tuition Fees
  • Scholarship Students are benefited through a monthly stipend in excess of $24,000
  • Pre-departure Orientation and Training Programs
  • In-country Orientations in Some Regions

Nature of Study Abroad Expenses

Before sending their children on Rotary Exchange programs, parents must be prepared to incur a wide range of expenses. These expenses are instrumental in shaping the future of a child. Here is a look at what all must be paid for:

  • Cultural Orientation or Language Camp
  • Ancillary Travel
  • Daily Expenses
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel Documents Like Visas and Passports
  • Round Trip Airfare

There may be other expenses beyond the ones mentioned here. Students can expect to pay for these on a case-to-case basis.

Learning How to Take Important Life Decisions

The only way for parents to secure the future of their children is to look for the top student exchange programs in the US. These activities are critical in instilling a sense of responsibility in children at the right age. Upon returning from the programs, students will find themselves to be more confident in their ability to move outside of their comfort zones and freely voice their opinions. They will also benefit from myriad experiences of professors, counselors, and many of their classmates as friends. Expect children to observe the effects of their actions and take informed decisions.

Students normally do not get breaks from academics, especially when in school. A gap year program offers a much-needed break of 2-3 months to every student with the opportunity to see the world and mingle with international students. This is also the time to make lifelong friendships.


Students learn how to manage themselves and their finances while being away from their homes. A gap year helps open up several career choices for a student.

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