What Kind Of Material Packaging Companies Use For Wholesale Retail Boxes?



Wholesale retail boxes are much more than providing durability and sustainability to the products. Have you ever remembered the feeling when you picked up your retail box? Notice the appealing graphics and high-quality material of the box. You have felt the importance, visibility, and significance of the retail packaging boxes. 

We all know that packaging plays a significant role in adding value to the product. Over the past few years, the Packaging industry has changed too much. Thus various innovations also take place in this regard. 

When it comes to choosing packaging material, there are a lot of materials available in today’s industry, such as:

  • Paperboard boxes
  • Kraft boxes
  • Corrugated boxes
  • Rigid 
  • Plastic wrap
  • Aluminum foils and many more

However, all of these materials are not work well for every item. You have to select the right kind of wholesale, and retail boxes according to the type of product you are selling and your demands. Below we discuss different types of packaging options you can use to enhance your goods and consumers experience:

Corrugated Material 

Corrugated boxes are usually made from three layers of brown kraft paper. So, this feature adds more rigidity and resistance to the corrugated boxes. Besides, the flutes present in this material act as an insulator, thus offering excellent protection against temperature variations. Furthermore, there are different kinds of corrugated wholesale retail boxes available in the industry. Corrugated boards are available in various types:

  • Single faced
  • Double-faced
  • Twin wall
  • Triple wall

You can also personalize the flute sizes according to your requirements. In short, corrugated materials are used in the packaging of various products ranging from cosmetics to food. Here we listed some benefits of using corrugated retail packaging boxes:

  • Protective box for fragile products
  • Lightweight boxes
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Personalized easily
  • Reusable boxes

In short, corrugated materials offers sustainable and durability feature for various businesses that depend on shipping their products directly to their buyers. With limitless customization ideas, for example, graphics, laminations, and finishing, you can efficiently market your wholesale retail boxes. Furthermore, it helps buyers to remember your brand!

Besides, corrugated packaging boxes have the ability for both exterior and interior painting. It is a great way that helps you to highlight your brand in the marketplace. Additionally, it enhances the worth and provides a unique unboxing experience to the consumers. Here are some of the most common types of retail packaging boxes used in the industry.

Paperboard Boxes

Paperboard is a lightweight material usually used for CDs, DVDs, and books. Moreover, it can be easily folded to create various shapes and structures. These flexible characteristics make it ideal to be used in customized packaging. However, the major drawback of paperboard packaging is that they do not offer protection for heavy or luxury material. Furthermore, It does not protect goods from environmental conditions such as moisturizers. 

Paperboard boxes come in different grades, and you can easily customize them according to your packaging requirements. Some of the main types of paperboard boxes are:

  • SBS (solid bleached sulfate) 
  • CUK (coated unbleached kraft) 
  • Coated recycled paperboard
  • Non-bending chipboard

SBS is primarily preferred in food packaging such as frozen foods, dairy products, cosmetics, milk, etc. However, CUK paperboard is mainly used for beer and soft drink beverage containers. Furthermore, this type of wholesale retail box is eco-friendly and recyclable. 

Use the suitable packaging material for your boxes and go for innovative design options to make your paperboard boxes more attractive.

Plastic Boxes

Plastic is considered a popular choice for packaging because it has a lot of benefits, and it is used for a wide range of products. Mainly it is lightweight and easy to handle. Furthermore, plastic material is cheaper than any other packaging material available in the industry. The plastic box can be recycled easily; thus, they are very durable than other materials.

In the same way, airtight plastic bags can help protect the quality of food and eliminate any contamination issues. It is very flexible and thus does not damage easily and can be stored under extreme conditions.

Kraft Material

Nowadays, kraft boxes are trendy in the packaging industry because of their eco-friendly and flexible nature. In addition, these boxes are user-friendly and thus can be customized in any shape, size, style, and color. Kraft materials are usually obtained from 100% pine wood pulp and are recyclable. You can personalize these boxes in various creative ways, thus quickly attracting buyers.

Aluminum Foil

Aluminum packaging is commonly used in the food industry. It is light, flexible, and easily recyclable. Moreover, it is hygienic, thus helping keep the foods fresh and safe. Also, it has many advantages, such as it protects from UV rays, oils, grease, microorganisms, etc.


There are different types of packaging materials available for wholesale retail boxes. With all the packaging materials available in today’s industry, choose the ideal packaging solution for your items. If you want to customize your wholesale retail boxes, visit CustomBoxesMarket.


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