What is Classroom Management?

Martine Coven


There is so much a teacher needs to do throughout the day but the most important task for any teacher is to teach students, educate them and inculcate new skills in them. However, they can only achieve it when students present in the classroom are disciplined and willing to learn. Teachers can make students disciplined in their learning whether in offline teaching or online teaching with the right pedagogy skills. In the field of education and teaching, one such set of skills that is often discussed and said to be the most important for a good teacher to have is classroom management skills.  But what is this classroom management and why is it so important? We will get to it in this article so keep reading it.

What is Classroom Management?

Classroom management is a set of skills and actions that a teacher follows in their classroom to maintain discipline in the class and create a learning environment. Classroom management ensures that students don’t act out of their code of conduct to disrupt the other students and hinder the teaching-learning process. Just as every student has their unique way of learning, every teacher has their way of managing the classroom. For example, some teachers like to be lenient and calm while handling the class and others can be strict and disciplined while interacting with students. Classroom management techniques also differ from students’ age, goals to achieve and the environment of the classroom, for example, a teacher can’t interact with kindergarten students as they interact with high school students and vice-versa.

Classroom management skills are something that a teacher learns and polishes with time and experience, they get to learn something new from each next batch coming to every new session.

Why is Classroom Management Important?

Creates a Learning Environment: Learning that provides positive results can only happen in the right environment, whether it’s learning in the physical classroom or taking online classes students need the right working environment to concentrate and flourish. And it is the teacher’s job to create that environment. A good teacher knows how to manage his or her classroom and steer students toward the right path for achieving their educational goals. One of the best ways to create a good-learning classroom environment is through active and responsive learning, where students respond to the questions and questions at the right time.

Achievement of Academic Goals:  The central reason why teachers need to have good classroom management is the achievement of academic goals. When teachers teach students they want them to listen and learn what is being taught, but for that to happen no student must create any kind of disturbance during the lecture. It is a teacher’s job to predict and foresee any cause of disruption in class and put a hold on that. For example, if the teacher knows that a group of very talkative students can disturb the class, before starting the lecture the teacher can seat them in the front rows. This will avoid any disturbance during the lecture.

To Set Expectations From Students: A proper classroom management makes it easier for teachers to lay down the rules and regulations on what is expected from students, whether it is on the academic front or in general behaviour. If the teacher does not explain these expectations to the students, it can affect the classroom environment, for instance, school is organising a science exhibition and every student has to submit their projects two days before it, but if the teacher doesn’t inform this thing students then how students are supposed to know about the submission date. 

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To Meet Students’ Needs:  Every student coming to school or attending the classes on the online teaching app has different career goals and aspirations to achieve. It is the teacher’s responsibility to create such a learning and developing environment in the classroom that it aligns with every student’s personal goals of development and learning.

Better Teacher-Student Relationship: Classroom management helps in creating that boundary between teacher and students which informs them both on how to behave in the classroom during different situations. Like when it’s right to ask questions and when not to disturb the teacher.      


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