Ways to Know Your Credit Balance



Credit cards give holders the convenience of buying today and paying later. They don’t need to worry about carrying cash on them because most places now take cards. Each month, the credit card company will send the user a statement showing how much money they spent in the past month, the minimum amount due, and their balance. The credit card balance shows them the total amount they owe on their card, which will change from month to month. Both new cardholders and those with a different cards may need help learning how to check their balances.

Check Online

One of the best and easiest ways to check a card’s balance is online. All credit cards allow members to set up an online account. They can make monthly payments, request a limit increase, or check their interest rate. Many cards now offer apps that are just as easy to use. The app allows the user to check their balance while on the go. Credit card apps and websites should show the total balance and how much is due now.

Make a Phone Call

As a way to cut down on wait times, many card companies have automated systems. Users don’t need to spend hours speaking with a rep or waste a lot of time going from department to department to find the information they need. When they call the company, they need to listen to the options menu and select the one that describes what they need. There is usually an option for checking a card’s balance. The system will tell them the balance due when they press the right button. Some systems require information from the user to confirm they have access to the account.

Look at Card Statements

According to the pros at SoFi, learning how to check credit card balance is easy when users check their paper statements. Every month, the credit card issuer will send a statement to the person named on the card. It has a box on the top of the page that tells them the minimum payment they need to make and the due date. They will also see an itemized list of all the changes they made since the last statement and the total of those charges. Card statements also include the credit balance as well as the available credit.

Send a Text Message

A helpful feature that some banks now offer is text message help. Those who do not have access to the internet or can’t remember their card details can text the company to check their balance. The creditor will respond with a text that shows the balance due on the card and any available credit.

Anyone who has a credit card needs to keep track of their balance to see how much they owe. This also helps them see any mistakes, such as charges that appear twice. Calling the creditor and checking online are just two of the ways to check a card’s balance.

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