Point of Sale Marketing with Custom Banners: Why is it Important?

Martine Coven


The “point of sale” inside a retail store is the place where customers pay and “check out” from the store. Thanks to technological advances, modern-day “points of sale” are very customer-friendly.

Companies use advanced POS systems to increase customer satisfaction. By providing efficient checkout services, stores also improve their chances of earning more revenue. More importantly, high-quality POS systems allow store owners to –

  • Manage Inventory: New POS systems feature inventory tracking technology which allows store owners to keep track of their stock.
  • Sales-Tracking: New POS systems also allow store owners to track purchases, product returns, and other sales-related information. Storeowners can use these details to manage sales, launch customer loyalty rewards programs, and offer personalized shopping experiences to customers.
  • Automation: New POS systems allow store managers to produce sales, purchases, and other reports without putting in much effort. How? Automation! Automated POS systems make it easier for stores to track, use, and optimize key business information.

A good POS system can transform the life of a storeowner in various ways. But, there’s still one point of sale responsibility that storeowners must manage manually. We’re talking about point of sale advertising.

What is Point of Sale Advertising?

Point of sale advertising is the advertising content shoppers see or hear about right before checking out the store. According to recent studies, point-of-sale advertising triggers impulse buying in customers.

Here’s why this form of in-store advertising is so important for storeowners –

  • Eye-Catching: Well-designed point of sale ads catches the customers’ eyes. Most shoppers visit retail stores looking for one or two specific products. When they see point of sale ads at the checkout or payment counter, they feel the need to buy more. You can make eye-catching banners with the help of banner generator.
  • Consistent Branding: Storeowners can create point of sale ads that complement their brands’ existing styles. For instance, these ads can supplement a store’s packaging. Storeowners can easily set up banners or posters that match their brand’s existing styles. Placing such custom ads at the point of sale improves brand recognition and fame.
  • Target Impulse Buyers: At checkout counters, most shoppers have their wallets open. If they see appealing and well-designed point of sale ads, they’re likely to inquire about the advertised products/offers. These adds can compel retail shoppers to add a few last-minute items to their shopping bags.

Typically, top companies invest in various types of point of sale display ads like –

  • Free-standing display units (FSDU)
  • Counter display units (CDU)
  • Retractable banner ads
  • Display packs
  • Posters

This kind of in-store advertising can be made more effective if storeowners use cost-effective banners as marketing tools. Designing an attractive point of sale banner is relatively easy. These banners are cheap, easy to print, and easy to customize.

Here’s how storeowners should design their point of sale banner ads –

  • Keep the messages short. Use concise, direct, and clear language to inform interested shoppers.
  • Make sure the point of sale banner ads represents the personality and style of your brand. They should also feature the store/brand’s logo and name.
  • Install your point of sale banner ads in easily visible locations. For instance, if your point of sale banner ad is on your store’s counter, ensure it is positioned high enough.

Transform your store’s POS system into an advertising booth with custom-printed banners.


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