How much does 3D event design cost

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If you are planning an upcoming event and are looking into 3D event design, rendering services, or project renderings then you are probably curious about what the cost could be. In this article we would like to discuss what could influence the cost of 3D event planning and give a rough outline for what it could cost.

(3D modeling done by Lumen and Forge)

3D event design what is it?

3D event design is the creation of 3D renderings or animations within a special software primarily used in fields to show content that is difficult or impossible to show traditionally like medical operations, architecture, manufacturing, or event design. For events 3D visualization is primarily used to show an audience what an event’s colors, lighting, stages, walkways, seating, content, ideas, or anything else you can visually see from an event. This is an easy way to experiment with ideas and see what may or may not work before paying to build. Once created, renderings can be used for a multitude of purposes like to be used to garner support, for marketing purposes.

What is the purpose?

There are a few different purposes for why one would want to use 3D event design such as creating quality renderings or photorealistic imagery. These could serve a multitude of purposes like marketing pieces or for social media. Renderings are also shown to investors, clientele, or guests alike giving them a visualization of a final product before its completion. 3D visualization has been used in architecture for that reason alone as well as in the car manufacturing industry to show new models before production times to garner attention. Uses for 3D visualization are constantly being explored as well experimented with and to list them all would be impossible.

(3D design for an exhibit done by Lumen and Forge)

What could be the cost?

Outright the cost will differ from project to project and is determined by the scope of the escapade. Design costs for larger more in-depth designs for projects such as architecture would be more expensive than small house design projects. Large firms can start at 700 dollars and only continue up from there past that. Large event design can cost upward of thousands of dollars depending on how in-depth you would like it to be or if you require a lot of changes based on ideas.

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The overall cost for 3D event design is completely dependent on the level of design needed to show a project. If a project is large scale and requires a lot of manpower then the cost will be more expensive. The scope and specific factors about the project, like how large, how much content is needed, how long is the content, or how high quality is the content. The renderings themselves have the ability to pay for themselves by showing audiences high quality imagery and giving a brand more attention.


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