How Do Custom Printed Retail Boxes Play With a Customers Psyche



How do you design a custom printed retail box that will catch a customer’s attention? Color psychology, surprises, and buzz! Let’s get started! There are many design tools online. Start with free online design tools like Canva or BeFunky, or hire a professional graphic designer. If you have no design skills, a free designer could create a beautiful design for you.

Designing A Custom Printed Retail Boxes

There are a few things to keep in mind when designing a custom printed retail boxes to play with the psyche of your customers. For example, if your products are essentially tangible, the packaging needs to be clear and easy to understand before the customer takes them. If you’re selling cosmetics or food, your packaging should be both tangible and fun. Bright colours, gradients, and patterns are excellent choices for packaging. And it’s worth noting that some colours have historical significance.

One way to play with a customers psyche is to include pictures. While they may not be the best source for a psyche-bending custom retail box, using a picture of a product in the box will help a customer decide if they should purchase it or not. Use optimized images on white backgrounds to tell the reader what the product is all about.

Adding surprises

Adding small gifts inside of your custom printed retail boxes will delight customers. They don’t have to be extravagant, but a sticker with your company logo will do the trick. Adding a surprise inside of a box will keep customers remembering you, while the gift is also functional. One company, Grilla Grills, sells barbecue grills and smokers. When customers purchase the grills, they get two surprises: a handwritten note, and a free gift inside their box.

Adding surprise elements to your custom printed retail boxes is a great way to increase brand recognition. Consumers who use the Internet regularly may not notice a generic shipping carton, so adding a logo or company name to your boxes will help your company get noticed by a larger audience. In addition, it can also inspire repeat purchases of your products.

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Using Color Psychology

The use of color psychology is a powerful tool for marketing your company or product. It helps customers associate certain emotions with different products, which in turn increases sales. Incorporating this technique into your custom printed boxes can give your business a boost. 

Color psychology has been proven time again to be an effective marketing strategy. It has been proven that 85% of shoppers base their purchasing decision on color. Choose colors that match your brand, presentation, and color scheme. A green shampoo, for example, can be displayed on a pedestal with white accents to highlight its cleansing qualities. An insurance sales team can display their cards in a blue-accented acrylic cube card holder, which reminds them of reliable service.

Creating Buzz

Creating buzz with custom printed retail boxes is a powerful way to promote your brand. Using a simple marketing technique, you can boost your social media following with just a few pieces of collateral. While you may not have the budget to spend on paid ads, you can still generate buzz with other forms of media such as brochures, direct mail, and bumper stickers. People don’t like to go to events where they’re invited to see a bad dancer, so why would you do it to your audience?

A recent study shows that a brand’s packaging plays a vital role in creating buzz with customers. It has been reported that 40% of online shoppers will recommend a brand if they received a product in a well-designed package, and that these shoppers are more likely to share their experience on social media. Creating buzz with custom printed retail boxes is one way to leverage the power of packaging to promote your brand. In the world of e-commerce, consumers are increasingly focusing on the unboxing experience, and this is where color comes into play.

Getting People to Touch Your Product

A well-designed retail packaging can help people get close to the product. For instance, a die-cut window can allow the customer to see and feel the product inside. In a similar way, a die-cut window allows the customer to test a product before they buy it. Ultimately, this will increase the likelihood that a customer will purchase the product. And if they are already unsure about the product, they will be able to see and feel it without having to open the box and try it out.

While personal touchpoints are great for face-to-face interactions, custom printed display boxes are an excellent way to ensure that customers are exposed to your brand and products. For example, a packaging box can help your brand communicate a gift-like experience and appeal to emotions. While some products are too expensive to print on the outside, you can add crinkled paper confetti or packing tissue inside the box to convey luxury and a full box. If your company is selling e-commerce products, consider placing a sticker with your brand logo on the box.


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