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It is better to use the services of a professional plumber who will only cost you a few dollars to avoid damaging your plumbing system and taking the risk of aggravating the situation and ultimately having to pay a lot more expensive later for bigger problems. Instead, choose plumbers recommended by relatives or on platforms you trust.

Their work is essential for building repairs and maintenance, and a neglected water leak can quickly become a problem for your infrastructure and wallet! Especially when you know that more than 70% of claims in apartments are related to water damage. 

1. Choose a plumber for your needs

Sanitary installer, heating plumber, multi-service plumber, renewable energy experts, etc. The specialties in plumbing are numerous, and it is essential to choose the most suitable pro for each intervention. If the same craftsman can have several specializations, make sure that these correspond to your needs. If you need a plumber in the event of a disaster, no problem. You will clarify your problem and send the right person to help you.

2. Prioritize transparency both ways

Even in an emergency, it is sometimes better to take a few minutes to learn more about what several artisans offer rather than making an uninformed choice. If your craftsman must be transparent, you will also benefit from giving him as much information as possible during the first contact on the phone to avoid unpleasant surprises during the first trip. It is useless to hide information from him: the more precise you are, the better the intervention.

3. Only accept quotations consistent with market prices

The price of an intervention can be very different depending on the artisans. Some factors such as travel costs, the quality of the equipment installed, or the plumber’s hourly rate may vary. Beware of quotes whose prices are too far from competitors. A price that is too high is not always justified, just as a price that is too low can be a sign of an uncertified craftsman.

4. Respect for commitments above all

Some plumbers sometimes have very busy schedules and are not very available. Give preference to artisans who will be able to give you an appointment in advance and with a reasonable waiting time.

In many cases, if the situation is well described and detailed, a good plumber should give you a turnaround time and a price for your work. It is very important to agree on deadlines and a price from the beginning of your collaboration.

5. Avoid questionable advertisements

Some sites put forward misleading advertisements or allow pros to pay in advance to appear among the recommendations without having checked the certification of these craftsmen.

Often advertisements for plumbers or locksmiths are slipped into your mailbox or under your door. To be avoided, the prices are prohibitive, and you have no way of ensuring the seriousness of the artisans.

A part of the mechanism is defective. You think you can easily replace this part. However, the entire mechanism may be no longer available with identical components. Plumbing components evolve. You can purchase the repair part from the store, which will not be compatible with your existing toilet. Apart from the end of its life, other parts are also ready to let go.

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You take one part apart, and the next one breaks too. You are Saturday night. Hardware stores are closed until Monday. You can’t put the water back on, and you have to go without your toilet for the whole weekend. Or do business with a professional plumber. They keep all the spare parts available in their truck. These tips are given to you as a preventive measure or as a first instance troubleshooting for minor problems.


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