All you need to know about marine engineering, its applications and challenges



The engineering discipline, based on marine vessels such as boats and ships, is called marine engineering. It studies various water bodies’ properties and different measures required to traverse these water bodies. The engineering of boats, ships, submarines, and other marine vessels is known as marine engineering. Students of marine engineering often look for experts to do my assignment.

Relevance of marine engineering

More than ¾ of Earth’s surface is covered by water bodies. Historically, these bodies have played an important role in exploring and establishing important trade routes. For any country to prosper economically, it should have access to water bodies such as oceans in abundance to ensure that important trade routes are developed. There have been developments in various water vessels to ensure effective water transportation throughout history.

Important applications of Marine engineering

The concepts of marine engineering are used in different branches of engineering. Here are different related fields of engineering where principles of marine engineering are used:

  • The architecture of naval machine vessels and buildings uses marine engineering concepts. The naval architects and marine engineers work in tandem to produce innovative solutions for marine transport.
  • There is a lot to be discovered about ocean bodies. Oceanography is a subject which focuses on the ocean bodies. For ocean exploration, water vessels need to be developed to withstand the harsh conditions of deep oceans. Marine engineering focuses on the development of these water vessels.
  • With the help of marine engineering, sea cables are laid, and data-intensive servers are stored underwater, ensuring that their electronic products work efficiently.
  • The oil platforms in water bodies used the concepts of marine engineering for petroleum exploration and extraction.

Challenges to Marine Engineering

With the help of marine engineering, many breakthroughs have been possible, which have paid dividends to marine technology. But the concepts of marine engineering still face myriad challenges such as:

  • Corrosion of instruments: The ocean water is a composite mixture of many salts, which catalyze corrosion of the marine instruments. The corrosion of the instruments causes a huge amount of loss for marine-related businesses. It is important to produce such instruments which have minimum corrosion effects.
  • Pollution Control: The water vessels are known to generate a large amount of pollution, which increases the ocean acidity and affects the marine life in the oceans
  • The marine extraction process affects the natural ecosystem of ocean bodies and produces the need to be employed, which ensures sustainable development in ocean exploration.

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