5 Tips to Lower your Resting Heart Rate

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A person has a number of heartbeats per minute that are known as heart rate. You can call it a pulse. People who have lower resting heart rates are going with good health. When you visit a doctor, he/she checks the pulse by placing the index and middle finger side-by-side on the neck. Doctors count the heartbeat that occurs within 60 seconds.

This article will help you to learn about the causes and how to control lower heart rates.

Causes of Increase in Relaxing Heart Rate

One of the best cardiologists in Lahore shared with me that every heartbeat arises from myocytes which is a specialized muscles. These cells need more oxygen, especially during physical activity like exercise. During this process, your brain sends messages to the heart that results in causing myocytes to make stronger and end up with more frequent pulses.

There can be different reasons that can cause changes in heart rate, such as:

  • Weather: Sensitive People can experience higher heart rates due to high temperatures. The reason is crystal clear your body has to work harder to cool itself down.
  • Emotional Stress: When you are upset, it can raise the heart rate. You need to learn your stress level as it can help to lower the heart rate.
  • Exercise: Experts reveal that physical activity makes your heart pump more frequently to deliver blood and oxygen to muscle cells more quickly.
  • Terror: Extreme fear of something can raise your heartbeat as it sparks an adrenaline response.
  • Hormonal changes: During pregnancy, women experience an increase in heart rate. Hormonal changes during menopause also affect the heart rate.
  • Prescription Drugs: Recreational drugs can affect heart rate as they contain cocaine or ecstasy.

5 Ways to Control the Heart Rate

Studies say that people can practice meditation or yoga as it helps in lowering their heart rate.

Avoid Heat Exposure:

During the summer season, the temperature goes high and affects your body overall. Studies reveal that the heartbeat increases as the temperature rises. During high temperatures, your body needs to work hard to produce sweat as it helps to cool off the body. Stay in cool places to avoid extreme heat exposure.

Exercise Regularly:

When you exercise, it makes your heart stronger to beat and more efficient at pumping blood. At rest mode, your heart can maintain a normal heartbeat.

Eat Fish:

Maintaining a healthy diet can help you deal with many potential health issues. Fish contains fatty acids that are helpful to boost heart health.

Focus on How You Breathe:

An easy to lower your heart rate is the way you breathe. You need to practice some effective breathing exercises to ease the heart rate. Take 5 seconds to inhale the air but take 15 seconds to exhale it. Doing such practice every day can give you incredible health benefits.

Say No to Cigarettes:

Cigarettes affect not only one organ of your body, but it leaves negative effects on overall your body. Studies say that smoking increases coronary artery risk, damages the lungs, etc.

Other Ways to Lower Heart Rate

Sudden changes in the heart rate can also be managed when you know the right techniques. For the sudden heart rate changes, you should go with the following steps, such as:

  • Relax and stay calm if you are stressed
  • Go for a walk in a completely green environment, or you can choose a faraway area from the main city.
  • Take a bath as it helps in relaxing muscles and easing stress.
  • Practice relaxation and stretching exercises, including yoga, etc.

People often overlook the lifestyle they follow. People must think about what lifestyle choices are good for them and what are not. A healthy lifestyle can give you a chance to live a life with a normal resting heart rate in the long term.

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A higher heart rate is a natural physical response that is caused by physical activity or an emotional response. Healthy lifestyle changes can help to lower the heart rate. If you are having a prolonged period of increased heart rate, get medical help.


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