Best Ways to Eliminate Invisalign Pain

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Having a healthy and young smile is everyone’s goal. However, as adults, there is a fear of wearing an iron device which can be conspicuous, uncomfortable, and painful. For this reason, Invisalign was born, a transparent and invisible system that allows anyone to straighten their teeth without pain. This particular treatment is carried out by specialist dentists and consists of different masks to be worn progressively.

What is Invisalign invisible appliance?

The Invisalign invisible appliance is a dental instrument that straightens your teeth, giving your smile a healthy and uniform appearance. The treatment consists of a variable number of masks that you will have to change and wear over time.

How it works and what it corrects

The specialist will carry out a check-up to determine the health of your mouth. Once you understand the problem to treat, you can proceed with a 3D representation, or a special cutting-edge scanner, of the cast of the arch to be treated and the final result.

From this information, you will have to wear to achieve the perfect smile. The aligners will progressively move your teeth imperceptibly and gradually, without pain and simply by wearing them correctly every day.

The advantages of the Invisalign appliance

There are many advantages to using and wearing the Invisalign masks consistently. Specifically, the main pros are:

1. Remove the appliance during meals: you can remove the aligners whenever you eat or drink. 

2. The aligners are invisible to sight: the Invisalign appliance is imperceptible to sight. Each mask is made using special polymers that make it transparent. For this reason, it is particularly loved by those who feel embarrassed to wear iron or very showy dental aids.

3. The dentist will show you a perspective of the results in a 3D image: before starting the treatment, you can already find out what your mouth will look like at the end of the course.

4. You will be able to see the first results already after the first week: the quality of the Invisalign aligners allows all patients to be able to appreciate the first improvements already 5/7 days after using the first aligner.

5. You will not feel any pain: wearing Invisalign may be uncomfortable during the first few hours. This is because the mask is working correctly. However, after the first day, you will notice that putting on and removing the mask will not cause you any pain.

6. It does not damage the enamel: using this invisible appliance correctly will not ruin the enamel or damage the arch. It will be sufficient to brush your teeth thoroughly and use a mouthwash before wearing it.

How long should it be worn?

You will need to wear this special transparent appliance for 22 to 23 hours a day. However, during meals, you will remove the mask to put it back on once finished. Before doing this, you will need to brush your teeth and perform a proper and thorough cleaning. This will allow you not to damage the teeth or the mask itself. The clear aligners are effective in solving most of the problems related to malocclusions, namely:

  • Diastemas: the presence of a space between the teeth;
  • Deep bite – when the teeth of the upper ark overlap too much with the lower ones;
  • Open bite: when the front teeth do not touch;
  • Dental crowding (crooked teeth): when the arch does not have space to accommodate all the teeth adequately.

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The latter is to be considered above all to facilitate the patient’s condition during the treatment:

1. Using the 3D mouth scan without the plaster cast is unpleasant to take, especially for children.

2. There are no permanent elements in the mouth of metal material and therefore no irritation in the mouth.

3. Invisible mask to limit aesthetic discomfort during treatment.

4. The mask is removable, thus facilitating proper hygiene of the child’s mouth.


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